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The Abridgement or Summarie of The Scots Chronicles Book

The Abridgement or Summarie of The Scots Chronicles


Title: The Abridgement or Summarie of The Scots Chronicles
Author: John Monipennie
Publisher: John Budge
Date:  1612


Hardback - modern reproduction

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    The full title continues:

    ...with a short description of their originall, from the comming of Gathelus their first progenitor, out of Graecia into Egypt. And their comming into Portingall and Spayne: and of their kings and gouernours in Spayne, Ireland and Albion, now called Scotland (howbeit the whole number are not extant) with a true chronologie of all their kings. Their reignes, deaths and burials, from Fergusius, the first king of Scotland, untill his Royall Majestie, now happily raigning ouer all Great Brittaine and Ireland, and all the iles to them appertaining. With a true description of the whole realme of Scotland, and of the principall Cities, Townes, Abbies, Forts, Castles, Towers, and Rivers, and of the commodities in every part thereof, and of the iles in general; with a memoriall of the most rare and wonderfull things in Scotland.

    This is a beautifully recreated edition of this important historical book in a modern binding.


  • Condition Notes

    This is a re-edition in a modern pocket edition binding with marbled edged pages.

    Very good well bound book.


    Please check the images associated with this Book to gain a clear insight into the book's condition and if you require further details please send an email enquiry.

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