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Selkirk's Island

Selkirk's Island


Title: Selkirk's Island
Author: Diana Souhami
Publisher: Weidenfeld & Nicolson, London
Date: 2001


1st Edition with original dust cover

  • Additional Product Information

    This is the remarkable story of Alexander Selkirk, ( an inspiration for Defoe's Robinson Crusoe) a Scottish Privateer, when off the coast of Chile in 1703 he chose to  abondon the vessel he was travelling on once it became clear that its worm-eaten timbers meant it was likely to sink at some point. For Four year and four months he lived marooned on the island.

  • Condition Notes

    As good as new copy.


    Please check the images associated with this Book to gain a clear insight into the book's condition and if you require further details please send an email enquiry.

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