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The Windswept Isles - Shetland and its People

The Windswept Isles - Shetland and its People


Title: The Windswept Isles - Shetland and its People
Author: Elizabeth Balneaves
Publisher: John Gifford Ltd., London
Date: 1977


Hardback - 1st Edition with original dustcover

  • Additional Product Information

    The author brings to life the history of these islands on the eve first delivery of the oil which had been discovered beneath the surrounding seas. The geology, scenery, history and prehistory human and wildlife are described in an intimate and personal account. It was originally described as a "scholarly work infused with warmth and passion."

  • Condition Notes

    Overall the book is in good condition - the dustcover has some minor tears at edges but is generally good and tidy and underneath the blue cover boards are in perfect condition.

    Whilst the inside pages are clean and bright throughout - there is significant fluo-pen higlighting of passages on many pages. However this highlighting does not prevent the book from being in excellent reading condition.


    Please check the images associated with this Book to gain a clear insight into the book's condition and if you require further details please send an email enquiry.

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